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Antonio Marras S/S 2010 Collection: Fashion’s love story


Here’s presenting Fashion’s love story portrayed so beautifully by its lover boy for ages, the very distinguished and sexy Antonio Marras. Antonio has been fashion’s genuine romantic for ages proving time and again, his passion, loyalty, love, trust, faith and respect for his art. One could as well deduce that the two share a very intimate relationship and a very fresh and light-hearted love story of their own.

Antonio Marras’ S/S 2010 Collection is his personal love story with fashion; unfoldING itself through his beatific creations before the whole world. The setting is in the very romantic city of Milano at its Spring/Summer 2010 week. While everyone else is tackling the evil enemy of recession with extreme caution and watch, Antonio Marras’s busy dreaming a dream a little romantic dream of his own.

His female muse for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection is innocent, ethereal, sensual, feminine, gentle and strong. In his own words, Marras murmurs poignantly ‘I have an ideal woman for my fashion. I am inspired by those with strong character and grit. ‘O brave, like the writer Anne Marie Schwarzenbach and Amelie Posse Brazdova.’ But the real inspiration comes from the late Teresa Street to whom he’s dedicated his collection

Amusingly, it’s the pretty blonde babe Brooke Shields who pops in your mind instead, when you are greeted teasingly and lovingly by frilly pillow shaped balloons on a recycled and vintage plastic runaway. Marras was also intrigued by the sensuousness of Mariangela Melato of ‘Love & Anarchy’ fame and the visions and works of French artist Auguste Belloc.

Marras’ romantic collection is inspired by the blue marine and the likes. Of dreamy cool blue waters! Of brave sailors! Of mermaids and sea-goddesses! Of magnificent ships! Of treacherous pirates!

This aqua love tale visually manifests itself into expressions of dreamy romance and fluidity in the S/S 2010 collection through wispy layers, light fabrics, edgy textures with naughty flashes of retro under wear.

The show started on a romantic note with the sequined opening chiffon number. Soon the show was laden with more sheer transparent dresses exposing some feminine retro opaque lingerie in soft pastels with tinges of burgundy or bright super lightweight floral printed vests.

Lingerie made a resounding retro fashion statement at the Marras’ S/S 2010 show. Lingerie of the likes of pretty patchwork petticoats in dainty pastels, floral bodices, corsets, girdles and camisoles, sheer Sardinian lace and satin bra and knickers made a vintage style statement of being stand alone dresses when accessorized with piping hot straw hats and towering espadrille heels. So we got to witness some fabulous sheer embroidered slip dresses in a palette of pastels, berries and azure.

The ‘Sailor meets Pirate’ theme manifested itself in the navy-cream striped toppers with faded denim shorts with black lace trimmings. The look was adventurous yet in a very girly prom way. Shorts abound ending just above the knee were a picture of feminine modesty and soft floral shirts embellished with sequins and narrow waists accentuated with thin belts were a reflection of dainty feminine beauty.

Contrasts set in play with transparent tunics were covered partially with structured form-fitting jackets. Floral prints bloomed all over the collection on burlap jackets and slip dresses in all the possible forms of creative expressions – bold, painterly and graphic.

The closing finale was the magnificent tableaux vivant, evoking the poignancy, sensuousness and romanticism of the early Twentieth Century.

The young models in the Antonio Marras SS 2010 collection looked like they’d walked straight out a fairy tale book in to our real world. Thanks to the wispy layers of light fabrics such as gauze, chiffon, voile, silk, tulle and over lapping lace used. Also, the fairy tale like accessories included cute little hats, delicate pearl and rhinestones jewelry, tall silver sandals, tights and socks. And interesting Marras’ S/S 2010 key trend is the tote bags matching the pattern, prints and color of the dress.

Marras ditched his past love for dark colors and switched effortlessly to dusty pastels, reds, azure, berry red, cream and navy blue for S/S 2010.

Thus, Antonio Marras presented a truly playful and fun love story with Fashion through his genius collection which is hailed by both fans and critics alike as his best work till date and arguably, the best in the Milan Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection

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