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Miss Bikini Luxe S/S Collection 2010: Black Goddesses groove to the Jungle Jingles

Welcome to the Piacentini Jungle! Where mongooses bravely battle the deadly snakes, where the wolves, bears and black panthers hang out regularly, where the elephants shake their big bottoms and trumpet in royal glory, where the cobra renders a sizzling salsa performance, where a kite flies high over the jungle to touch the skies, where the Jungle VIPs, the monkeys swing to the drum rolls while the friendly white fur seal plays the bongo, where the lion sleeps soundly in the mighty jungle.

Where the White and Black checkmate peacefully! 

As the curtains drew to a close at the MFW Spring/Summer 2010 show, Alessandra and Francesca Piacentini literally screamed ‘BLACK’ when the duo took to the center stage wearing a simple black T-shirt reading a not-so-simple slogan ‘Black is Fashion’.

It all started with the ‘The Independent’ one fine Sunday. A hard hitting feature by Naomi Campbell denouncing the low representation of colored models on the ramp got many a fashion head honcho thinking and thinking hard. One such CEO was Andrea Theophylact who decided to take the pet cause in her hands.

“Miss Bikini Luxe responds through social commitment in favor of black models”, quoted Andrea Teofilatto, CEO of Miss Bikini Luxe as she introduced the duo’s new Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Originating their project in the ramp ways of Milan, the world’s fashion capital city, Miss Bikini Luxe’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection will reach out to a wider world audience spreading their unanimous socially conscious fashion verdict for the upcoming season when their “Black is Fashion” t-shirts will be made available in all shops selling their collection from April 2010 onwards. 

The ramps were set ablaze by the catwalks of both the Black and the White. Offering their unbending support to the cause were White models, Carmen Kass, Sesselee supermodel Bianca Balti and Anne Vyalitsyna to name a few. Carmen, Bianca and Anne walked the ramps alongside the main black performer, Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek.

The brand decided to participate and offer support to draw attention to the Black issue yet again, glorifying the black world with an eclectic collection.

The Miss Bikini Spring/Summer 2010 collection rooted for black yet again in its quest for its root inspiration. The ancestral Black Africa which holds the key to exoticism was the duo’s chosen theme inspiration for their S/S 2010 line. The charm of the Dark Continent is truly fascinating – the wild jungles and the lush rain forests, age-old yarns of natural fabrics, traditional artistry, exuberant colors, throbbing musical drum beats, boho chic et al.

It came as little surprise when the Miss Bikini Luxe Spring/Summer 2010 collection was titled ‘African Pop’, an apt title honoring the big, black, bold and beautiful continent of Africa.

And so, standing up for the cause of equality, Alessandra and Francesca Piacentini presented the Miss Bikini Luxe Spring/Summer Collection 2010 amidst much fanfare. International singers and actors from cinema and television and the big fishes from the Italian business industry filled the front-row of the Miss Bikini Luxe S/S 2010 show. Some of the famed faces who were caught cheerfully cheering the duo’s collection were - Alba Parietti, Randi Ingerman, Ivana Trump, Linda Batista, Lola Ponce, Ainett Stephens, Vittorio Sgarbi, Alessia Fabiani, and Raffaella Zardo amongst other notables.

The collection saw flashes of color and sparkles leashed on to the ramp with a whole range of ‘out of water’ clothing. Yes, you read that right! Eclectic sunny beachwear that you can swim with glee abandons in to the shores and head straight in the same outfit to that rocking summer party afterwards. The sunny collection included beach bikinis, pareos kaftans, sarongs, dresses, kimonos and leggings in color hues of the rain forest adorned with wild and adorable animal prints and dainty intricate flower motifs. Feline coats in savage animal prints added a va-va-vroom effect to the collection.

The collection’s heart and soul was the crucial monochromatic dress. A whole line up of easy, comfortable ready to wear dresses will surely make the Miss Bikini Spring/Summer 2010 dress a fashion staple in many a woman’s closet. Custom and handmade embroidered dresses in gentle stretches of knits of slate gray and black threads spelled sophistication in bold letters.

The evening look dictates you to drape yourself in overlaps of velvet caftans, embossed silks kimonos with micro snake gold and silver effect and evening dresses in stretch fabrics. 

A ‘must-have’ this spring is undoubtedly the glorious Miss Bikini Luxe bikini in lush silk chiffon skillfully embossed and handcrafted to stretch elastic perfection.

On the whole, the Miss Bikini Luxe Spring/Summer 2010 collection is successful collaboration of technology and tribal art. It can alternatively be titled ‘Techno Apache’ for its marriage between technology and tribal. Solid monochromatic costumes are glamorously enhanced with, semi-precious stones, jewel beads, glass paste, Jais and appliqué technique. Prints of stripes and geometry happily coexist with prints of the flora such as coconut prints and feline fauna which are treated to effects of marble and plumage.

The duo launched their LA MISS Couture bag at the show which serves multi-purposefully as a tote, clutch and shoulder bag coming in an over-whelming twenty version on a canvas of coconut, metal, leather and hard stone applications. Simply Wow!

In one concluding line, Welcome to the Piacentini Jungle!’


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