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Vassilios Kostetsos

Vassilios Kostetsos FW 2010 Collection: A bloody fashion war!


The lights went off. Teasing glimpses of stark red light flashed across the room.

‘Wait a minute. Did I just hear an errr.. Orrrrrgasssssssmmmmmmmm?!!!!’

Ohhhhhhh yes, baby! That helpless cry of a woman nearing climax and desperately begging for more pleasure was unmistakable.

I nervously searched my pockets to double check my invite. The invite card gleamed ‘Eros Anikate Mahan’, the title of Vassilios Kostetsos MBFW 2010 collection. Translating to ‘Love invincible in battle’, the war army chief Vassilios Kostetsos boldly seemed to declare that fashion shows are passé. In the pretense of a harmless fashion show, we were actually invited to Kostetsos’ bloody fashion war.

The battleground was set in the Salon at Bryant Park. And make no mistake; the opening orgasmic cry was the official war cry of the Vassilios Kostetsos army. Inspired by the tragic Sophocles’ 442 BC melodrama “Antigone”, where the protagonist Antigone voraciously battles against the Greek establishment to her deathbed ensuring the burial of her brother. It is her love that remains invincible and triumphs in the end.

Set around Valentine’s Day, the Kostetsos army’s intentions are as honorable as Antigone. This Greek-American designer is immensely proud of his lineage and he is all set to battle it out in the ramps of New York against manipulative Capitalist governments in the garb of Pseudo-Democracy and slavish work ethos. His personal battle is driven by his unbridled love for true freedom of expression in fashion and in the bigger picture, life itself. A life closer to the Mediterranean lifestyle where people work to live and party afterhours everyday with real ‘Joie de vivre’!

While the intentions of the warriors were good old fashioned love, the fashion battle was anything but antique. Their fashion duel went beyond contemporary with super futuristic garments that seemed like an exciting intercourse between Greek and 80’s - early 90’s Superhero costumes.

And so the Kostetsos’ models ..oops warriors set out fiercely onto the battle ramps in the boldest hues. Hot reds denote love and passion, black symbolize the death of Polyneices, Antigone’s brother, metallic bronze represent the war weapons and tan leather lend to the fierce war undertones. We saw liberal usage of bright reds, blues and fuchsias contrasted with white, black, tan and shiny metallics.

Amidst heart-throbbing club beats, the women warriors charged in like sexy red bulls in outrageous red and blue leather trench with high collars, exaggerated puff shoulders, dramatic flare, hot pants, winter white coats with crushed big velvet collar and skin tight silhouettes in asymmetric full garments with the immaculate drapes of a Greek Goddess in flesh tone mesh overlays. A la Helen of Troy style tattoos, bold dramatic eyes and full-on hot red lips added to the overall raw sensuous look of the collection.

The men warriors paled in comparison but nonetheless held to their own with trend setting metallic facial war paint on half-face shields in cropped leather jackets and pants including a Michael Jackson homage jacket.

Warrior like accessories included metallic belts, forearm cuffs with leather detailing and snake prints seen on thigh high boots, bags, tights and gloves.

Patent leather, chiffon, satin, lace, sequins, feathers and flowers all weaved seamlessly together to tell the theme story of ‘Love unconquered in battle’ beautifully.

Vassilios Kostetsos collection was truly the Superhero that evening, winning the battle at the climax reaching his orgasm like love for fashion and life, at large.

‘Ohhhhhhh yes finally, baby!’

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