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Roberto Musso’s New Collections


The Japanese culture has been a big influence in the fashion world, but in the case of Roberto Musso, it is the inspiration for his fashion line. Musso attended Sorbonne University for his degree, where he paid close attention to the Japanese culture, and its influence is evident in his designs and patterns of the clothes he creates. The main focus of his clothing is the attention he gives to every detail, which in turn makes his designs unlike any other and creates a solid place for him in the industry.

Moreover, Musso collaborated with Barney’s of New York as a style consultant where he became obsessed with hand-painted designs. The focus for clothes then changed to the hand-painted creations he fell in love with, thus the attention he pays to his pieces were multiplied. He used the imperfections and uniqueness of every design to create a new style for every piece, which is unique to its sole owner. It also allowed him to experiment with different color patterns that could be intertwined to create an exclusive piece for every individual.

Musso is very careful to inject artistry into his clothes, which sets him apart from other trendsetters in the fashion world. His attentions to detail and obsession with imperfections have earned him a respectable place in his field. The designer’s collection is made for women and features many different shapes, colors and patterns made to hug and accentuate a woman’s body. He also dabbles in the making of shoes that are meant to empower a woman and provide a boost for her day.

The spring and summer 2010 collection features an array of dresses, skirts and blouses made to compliment a woman’s specific style and curves.  The line makes good use of silk tops and skirts, made to sway softly in the spring breeze as women go about their lives. He has also included folds into his design so the clothes overlap and will catch the breeze perfectly to show their versatility. There are many different patterns teamed with vibrant colors to give the outfit a ‘popping’ look. However, he also created neutral pieces that one can potentially wear to a business setting. The perfect charm to add to the neutral pieces is his shoes, which have their own kind of sparkle. The shoes are designed for toes that can peek out in the front; with an instep heal in the back to give a woman that extra boost of confidence in her each step.  Also, he has included the use of belts made out of fabric, which also work to bind the garment at the waist and add an accent to the outfit. The whole theme represents a mesh of different colors, with flaps and eccentric shoes that capture the liveliness of spring and its beauty.

The autumn and winter 2010/2011 collection celebrates sophisticated colors that breathe an air of elegance into every piece. Musso makes good use of the color red along the color wheel by using the lighter, as well as the deeper shades. There is an array of playfulness combined with the feeling of being sexy and sophisticated at the same time. The line has an air of high society seen in the knee-length skirts and modest dresses. The dresses are made to enhance a woman’s body and show what a fierce and powerful creature a woman can be. They are dominating and powerful in their elegance and modesty. The designer has remained consistent with his use of fabric belts that bind the garment and that extra oomph for the outfits. In this line Musso did not shy away from trousers and has used them to accentuate his flowy tops, which add to the confidence of any ensemble. The use of neutral colors is combined with the deep reds and fur to accent the outfits, whether at the collar, around the wrists around the waist. Furthermore, he has used shoes, which show off a woman’s feet with the designs leading from the toes to the ankles. They are used to accentuate the outfits and show off much of a woman’s feet, so as not to take much attention from the central piece, which would be the clothes.


Image Credits: Roberto Musso PR & Dwight Mitchell

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