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 The Rock Star of the Fashion Universe

Kinder Aggugini epitomizes these Jon Bon Jovi lyrics. Living up his life with intense passion, a zeal for ingenuous fashion and reaching heights at dizzying speed, this designer from Milan is the new fashion rock star.

He starts his morning training for 30 minutes and doing Reiki for 45 minutes while most of the world is snuggled deep in a soft blanket. All this, while being dressed to kill. Mulling over the right shades for the day, the exact angle his tresses should fall in, are all serious contemplative decisions he spends time on.

"I made it through the wilderness. Somehow I made it through”

Having made his mark by designing for the big names like John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, Versace and Costume National, Kinder established himself amongst the big fishes in the vast sea.  He is a popular choice as a ‘ghost designer’ for the Mughals of fashion because of his innate sense of style, quirky designs and out-of-the-box thinking. In a fashion industry where designers eat designer trend, he has managed to not only stay alive and kicking, but kicking sure fired goals that explode at the target into a myriad of clean-cut silhouettes and funky styles.

“Come on baby light my fire”

His designs are in his words meant for ‘The Rocking Chick’. Seen as a marriage between Coco Channel and Sid Vicious, the Kinder woman is all about feisty spirit, sultry allure, sheer confidence and the right amount of attitude. The clothes speak of multiple cultures and are a contradiction of affluence and ghetto, trend setting and tardiness, modern and timeless classic. It is all about fusing the elegant charm of the yesteryears with the magnetic pull of modernity. The designs are inspired by real people that we all know of rather than the fake humble ‘real people’ reference that we so often hear fashionistas make. This gives his clothes that different unique twist and makes them wearable besides being completely funky and original in design.

“I find that his creativity, ingenuity and sophistication in fabrics set him apart. I appreciate his wit, style and irreverent classicism”. – Arianne Phillips

“I’m on the top of the world looking, down on creation”

Born in the 1960s in Italy, he was christened Kinder by one of his punk friends. Often referred to as an Italian ex-punk, Kinder Aggugini educated at St. Martins College of Art and Design during the 1980s and worked on John Galliano after a stint with Savile Row. Talk has it that he dressed in a policeman’s outfit to apply for the job (going on to show that the new fashion police was already making his way down the beat). He also worked with Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Costume National and with Versace as head designer, slowly becoming the indispensable part he is in the illustrious industry. In 1997 he started a consultancy and called it the Kinder Fashion Design which acted for the most coveted luxury brands. He broke into the fashion world with a big bang when he smoothly made the transition from being behind the scene to launching his solo show entitled “Out of the blue into the black”. Having made the right contacts and being quick at thinking on his feet soon paid off and he was on the crest of the success wave. Soon the stars of the world from Madonna to other artists were seen in his creations and prepping the world to get ready  for ‘Kinder Aggugini’

“His collection has garnered New York and Moscow stockists, while the Comme des Garçons creator and Dover Street Market proprietor Rei Kawakubo came in person to view the collection. No mean feat when new name designers seldom get a look-in unless buoyed by high-praise column inches.” – Stephanie King

“Don’t wanna miss a thing”

It is all about knowing your product and flaunting it. Kinder Aggugini pours in time and effort into researching fabric, dyes, cuts, styles, tailoring and fits. The end product is a work of miracle. It is often referred to as the ‘real deal’. The cuts are immaculate, fitting perfectly and showing off all the curves that make women look fabulous in his creations. The styles are believable and edgy without a drop of pretentious snobbery.

“All you will see is a girl you once knew, although she's dressed up to the nines”

For those who are into serious blacks and dignified quiet fashion, Kinder is definitely not your man. Pillbox red coats with sunken military back and his magnificent floral designs, screaming polka dots are all proof of that. Fresh, innovative and completely distinctive, his collection are for those whose spirits are young and adventurous ready to take on the world by storm. With the upbeat collection he presented at the London Fashion week, this is the new voice of fashion we all need to watch out for. So here’s to the young rock star. Salute!

Dear Kinder, Don’t stop, do the punk rock.” – Debbie Harry

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