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Iconic Brands and their Ad Campaigns

Think Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton! And luxury, style and cutting-edge fashion design comes to mind. These names need no selling. That’s why their ads are more like pieces of art that represent the theme of the season or sometimes, (sorry Creative Directors!) like abstract art make no sense at all.

The rise of tribal chic seems to be the influence behind the stunning Prada Campaign for Fall/Winter 2010. The models are cloned to look like each other, with tribal hair-dos and make-up. Surreal, animalistic and so Prada’ish!

Emma Watson, Hermione of Harry Potter fame and student of Brown University now has another feather in her already-loaded cap – the Burberry Fall Campaign of 2009/10, where she made her fashion debut with a grown-up elegance. The campaign is worth glancing-over to see this woman swathed in rich Burberry winter wear.

This is not a campaign but still a promotional masterpiece - The Campari Calendar for 2010. Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko scintillates in 12 different settings in Italy including Piazza Cairoli and the old town of Milan. For its sheer visual appeal and style. This calendar is worth looking at everyday, year round.

Christian Louboutin’s shoes can make any Jane feel like Cinderella (after she became a princess that is!), which makes perfect sense for their fairytale inspired Spring/Summer 2010 campaign.

Before we wrap up, here’s something to have you writhing in envy – Mango and Scarlett Johansson. Yes, the S/S 2010 Mango Campaign features a bushy eye-browed Scar Jo in Mango goodies. But whatever happened to her famous curves? Hope they’re firmly back in place by Fall/Winter.

Adieu, until tomorrow!

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