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Watch out for these global designers

Milan, Paris, London and New York may be rocking it in fashion for years but the rest of the world has been stirring for a while now. Hot new fashion designers from around the world are emerging from the shadows and into the spotlight as a whole new and more welcoming global fashion industry emerges.

Yeojin Bae is a Korean-born Australian Fashion designer. Within just a few years of launching her own label, Yeojin’s label has found takers in America.  Barneys stock her designs in UK and other countries. She has also won the 2007 Tiffany & Co Young Designer of the Year Award and has also worked with designers Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui, here in America.

Luo Zheng is a famous Chinese designer who’s getting noticed for her work across the world. She favors Chinese elements like Chinese silk, embroidery, ink and brush work. She has over 100 stores across China and has recently shown in the New York Fashion week. On a definitive note, we’re going to see far more of her in the future.

Maheen Khan is well-known in Pakistan as an innovative and talented fashion designer. Her designs in this years’ Milan Fashion week have blown many away. Described as art and embroidery from the Khyber, her work stuck a chord with the predominantly western fashion industry insiders at Milan.

The fashion industry was more or less dominated by the West all these years. With the playing field getting relatively even of late, who knows, the next Louis Vuitton may be a Lee!

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