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Smells like Power, looks like Fashion

The Fashion industry is a heady cocktail of glamour, money, talent and creativity. At the centre of this smorgasbord of brilliance are the powerful and the influential. Those who can make or break anything in the industry from fashion trends to models and labels!

These VIPs could be successful designers, magazine editors or models. Power and influence is spread across different spheres in the industry. Here’s a quick run-through of the names you must be familiar with if you want to have anything to do with fashion.

Editor: Anna Wintour

She’s the one woman that even the world’s most famous and loved designers admire and respect. It is said that top designers routinely run their collection by her for approval and can usually tell from her ‘look’ what she’s thinking! Sporting a page-boy bob and sunglasses, she’s part of the iconography of fashion.

Model: Gisele Bundchen

This Brazilian hottie is one of the most influential supermodels in recent times. She has walked for every top designer, endorsed almost every famous brand, dated Hollywood superstars and has been on the Forbes list.

Designer: Miuccia Prada

That Prada is a fashion insider’s favorite should tell you about Miuccia Prada’s power . Prada pretty much defines the fashion label. She is said to be bustling with a million ideas and her designs are innovative and far ahead of the time. This explains why many of Prada’s looks are seen on runways a few seasons as they are imitated by other designers.

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