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Spiritual Influences in Fashion

The influence of spirituality in fashion has been strong and steady over the last few years.

Be it prints on clothes, accessories or just the influence behind a collection. Spirituality has etched its place firmly in the world associated with the not-so-holy. And we get to reap the benefits of this exciting union!

The biggest spiritual influence in recent years has been the Turkish Evil eye.

Many cultures around the world believe that the ‘evil’ eye can cause physical illness and bad luck. The fashion world and Hollywood took to the evil eye in a big way and the rest of us simply followed. Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Madonna, Britney Spears and Demi Moore are all fans of this famous fashionable charm.

Religious and spiritual motifs have dominated the fashion scene over the last few years. Hindu gods and goddesses, Buddha prints and Chinese tattoos are all but common. Bedford Avenue has taken a fancy to the new cosmic ‘triangle’. Watch out, it may be on your tee soon!

A hot-new trend is the Shashi bracelet. These bracelets are traditionally worn in religious ceremonies in India. They symbolize love and friendship and are said to bring good luck. Colored stones are studded on layers of thread and have been spotted on wrists of Lindsay Lohan and Kate Perry.

We live in a world cluttered with chaos and confusion. We’re all looking for meaning in one way or the other and while some of us find Nirvana in fashion, some of us look for spiritual influences outwards while blending the two!

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