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Is eco-friendly fashion for you?

All this talk of global warming has fired you up to do something for Mamma Earth. But you also love Fashion and Style! Can your passion for everything cool and hip co-exist with your love for nature?

Welcome to Eco-chic!

Eco-fashion is meant for a new, growing breed of fashionistas who want to look good but also make a statement and reduce their carbon footprint. They also happen to be the coolest trend in the fashion world. Every star from Lindsay Lohan to Sheryl Crow who plans to launch her own eco-fashion line is going green.

Now-a-days, it’s not just cool to eat organic. Its tres mode to wear organic fabrics too! For instance, organic silk where the silkworms aren’t killed or fabrics made of bamboos are considered to be chic and conscious. In fact, clothing made of bamboos fibers are as strong as denims and feel like silk!

You could also go the Natalie Portman way. The actress launched a pair of eco-friendly, vegan shoes a few years ago. Eco-friendly shoes are free of animal products. Recycled materials like rubber and plastic are used innovatively to give you a fashionable pair of killer heels with good karma.

Another way to go green is to go the vintage way! Vintage fashion is always in style and there’s nothing like recycling a classically beautiful outfit to look hip and score those green points.

Also make the most of the tribal and ethnic trend this season and go for wooden or metallic jewelry made of recycled material.

This season, enjoy Fashion guilt-free. Turn eco-friendly, stay conscious and look chic!

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