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Go green, not with envy but style!

Seasons come and seasons go and so do colors! Sometimes it’s the mellow brilliance of yellow. Sometimes it’s the shiny elegance of purple. With different seasons, fashion trends, fabrics and designs, the color palette changes.

The Biannual Color Meet by Eurovet, where the best from the world of style and design gather to predict the color palette for upcoming seasons also predicted a few that are smoking hot this S/S 2010.

The greens have turned out to be the stars of the season. So what is going to be your favorite green this season – parrot, bottle or jade? But don’t just stick to green in your outfits. Splash them on your nails too! Chanel’s brand new jade green shade was seen on hotties like Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore.

The ‘guests of honor’ are supposed to be nuances of red and soft and refined pinks, mauves and neutrals. We women know that pink and mauve can never go out of style. And hey, red is back in a big way. Bright red lips are in as though they never went out of style.

Influenced by the street and clubbing, Neons are said to be ‘in’ too, yes! We all love to party. Think pink noen tank top, bright yellow V-necks and the million other variations that scream neon.

These are some of the hottest hues doing the rounds this S/S 2010. Which one’s your fave shade?


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