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Time to Hit the Beach

You started off with Atkins, moved on to South Beach and washed it all down with the Raw Food Diet. Now you just want to sit back in a hot swimsuit and let everybody else look at you with envy while you crave for a big plate of macaroni and cheese!


Hope you got that fabulous beach bod this summer the right way with a balanced diet and exercise. Because some very cool beach wear has washed up on the runway this Spring/Summer 2010. We want you to be your best, most fabulous and healthy self to enjoy what the fashion season has unveiled.

Cut-away clothing has been big this season and our swimwear designers are using this uber-cool designing technique to create some funky swimwear. Grab a cut-away swim suit, show-off those fabulous curves and enjoy that unusual tan pattern on your body when you take it off!

We saw many one-shoulder dresses and gowns at almost every red-carpet occasion this year; now get ready to see a whole lot of one-shoulder swimsuits on your favorite beach. Dab lots of sunscreen, show off those toned shoulder muscles and build some more while you swim!

And…guess who’s back? Back again! It’s the Monokini! After years of being ignored, monokinis are heating up the fashion charts again. Aren’t you relieved? Well so are we, at least for those ‘special’ days when all those liquids you’ve been downing refuse to flush away. Cover up, with a monokini!

Now that you know what to swim in, or at least be seen in this summer, hit the beach or the pool pronto.

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