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MAP Moda was created in 2008 with the goal of providing a glossy, bi-annual, international magazine dedicated entirely to women's fashion beginning on the catwalks of the world.

The mission statement was clear; provide a magazine that did not just inform, but inspired individuals who were passionate about fashion. We wanted to fill a void, as we saw it, in the US fashion market, where our magazine could addresses the needs of the individuals who still love fashion and not a publication where ¾ of the pages are filled with advertisement.

So too, we must include fashion followers who are tired of looking at all the busy little websites, with tons of little images of fashion week with no detail. We seek to capture the reader who wants to see a full page glossy publication, on quality paper, providing excellent information, on the upcoming fashion season.

By covering some of the top fashion shows of the world we envision providing people with a publication they can carry with them, circulate and share with contemporaries. We want to bring the energy and power that is generated on the runway to the fashion followers of the world. If we could have fashion show music playing in our books we would.

The first issue, dedicated to the prêt-à-porter collections for Fall/Winter 2008-2009 was released for the catwalks of Milan. This was followed with the publication of our newly released seasonal book series know as Vicariously Funky which captures the very essence of Milan Fashion Week. We wanted people to experience the other side of Milan Fashion Week and not just the back stage experience. We wanted to take the reader on a vicarious journey through the parties, designer restaurants, boutiques and tourist sites which make Milan one of the top fashion capitals of the world.

Issue number two was dedicated to the prêt-à-porter collections of London for Spring/Summer 2010, followed closely by issue three which was dedicated to the prêt-à-porter collections of Milan for Spring/Summer 2010. Starting January of 2011 we will be covering New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, plus the two Haute Couture fashion events.

The world is changing at an exponential rate. We would like to slow things down just a touch and focus on the imagery, quality of information and passion that leads us to bring these publications to you. When you think of MAP Moda, we want you to think of being at a cool funky party with friends. In this way we hope to rally and inspire the loyal fashion followers of the world around our publication and services, because fashion is first and foremost about passion.

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